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Flower Power

Photography for me is about joy.  The joy in working with amazing humans, the joy of capturing authentic moments, the joy of perfect light.  The best days are when you get all this joy together.

Meet Evie.  Funny, smart, sassy, creative.  She is a Floralista extraordinaire! I have know this beautiful creature since she was knee high to a grasshopper.  Evie has followed her passions and become an incredibly talented floral designer.  Her sense of style, colour and settings transforms the everyday into something stunning.  Evie lives in a different world to the rest of us, or at least she sees the world so differently.  She has the most amazing talent for creating beauty in her surroundings.  Behind the scenes she lives in a beautiful cottage with flowers and plants everywhere.  There are antiques and books, scented candles and special items placed just so.  The creative in her seeps into everything she does and her floral designs are spectacular - made with such love and care and appreciation for the beauty of nature.  

It was an absolute delight to spend the afternoon with Evie .  Sensational flowers, beautiful surroundings and lots of laughter - a magic day.  Please hop on over to her IG to see her talents at work @pollenandpetal.  Love you girl.

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