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Landscapes - take your time!

Updated: May 6, 2019

We have a beautiful planet. Amazing vistas, beautiful light, vast skies - every day beauty in the natural world.

You know when you travel somewhere and hike up a mountain and suddenly see a 'take your breath' away vista? Or get lost in your car not far from where you live and discover a waterfall, farm house, mountain view you never expected? These are magical moments. So here's the thing. Take a deep breath, savour the moment. Then, if you want to photograph this amazing vista - take your time. Move around. Don't just lift up the camera, take a photo and get back in your car, continue on your hike. Look through your lens - crouch down, move to a different position. Take lots of pics. Include that tree, then take another image without it. Fabulous clouds? Take an image with lots of sky. Bland sky, include more vegetation, water, other interesting elements.

“Don't rush. If you see something beautiful and want to capture it in a photograph - you need some time and some thought about composition."

Composition is key in every image - and this takes thought - which takes time. Unless you are looking for the next cover of a travel magazine, I am not talking hours here, just a few minutes to look around, see what elements are interesting, what to include and what to leave out of your photo. Not sure, then play. Take loads of different images and when you get home see which ones interest you, hold your attention.

Lastly, take another deep breath, put down your camera and take it all in. Photography is a fantastic way to capture the moment....but the best way is to be fully present IN THE MOMENT!

Make the most of today, it is the only today you get.

Your friend,


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