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Rifles and Whisky

As a photographer, you are expected to take the 'family photos' right? My clan recently gathered in Prescott, Arizona from all over the world to celebrate my father's 80th birthday. We are a global family and flew in from Australia, South Africa, Belize, Costa Rica, Nashville and New York. It was an incredibly special reunion. The scenery in Arizona is incredible and I had thoughts of stunning vistas with the family nestled in the mountains. But then I woke in the middle of the night and realised the obvious. My family is super fun and my sis and her husband own the local Historic Saloon. The family rallied and found and pieced together costumes and we found pistols and rifles and lots of cowboy hats (it is Arizona after all). Most fun I have had creating a family portrait ever! The hardest part was keeping with the era and having everyone look somber and serious. There was so much laughter in between the photographs. Thank you to Derry and Dennis for letting us use the Legendary Palace Saloon and thank you to my amazing family. I love you all more than you will even know.

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